Life works in such miraculous ways…
Some days it welcomes you with open arms,
Some days it just tears your heart apart.
But c’est la vie…
So let’s embrace life, and
Live life to the fullest.


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Mr. Creativity – Where did you go?

I have hit one of THE BIGGEST writer’s blocks in my entire life. It has been more than 60 days since my last post… I was thinking way back when I started this blog, words just flowed out of my mouth, well not exactly I suppose, since this is a blog, I guess I meant that when I was inspired, my fingers just wouldn’t stop typing, they were on steroids, striking the keyboard with force and at such lightening speed that I was actually impressed with myself.

Now, blogging is a different story entirely, my mind refuses to think creatively, it is solid as a rock and my fingers remain over the keyboard, unwilling to move. Just before I wrote this post, I panicked and couldn’t believe this was happening to me. I asked myself out loud:

Mr. Creativity, where did you go?! Come Back! I need you!

Obviously no one answered. By the way, if I did hear a voice when I asked that question, I would have freaked out lol. Anyway, a light bulb went on, and I decided to go to Shutterstock to look for inspiration. I found a series of adorable drawings that made me laugh and inspired me to create this post on “how to” find your lost creativity:

1. Don’t give up on your creativity. Put it on a stretcher.

Creativity on a stretcher

Put your creativity on a stretcher.

2. Play and go have fun. Ideas will spark when you are having fun.

Creativity and magic

Go play and have fun.

3. Nurture your creativity! To be inspired, you need to feed your creativity so that it can grow! Read, listen to music, talk to somebody, just go do something.

Nurture your creativity.

Nurture your creativity

4. If you do all of the above, your creativity should come back. At least mine did! Just like I’ve always imagined him to be, with a french moustache! Ha ha :)

Creativity came back

Et voila! Mr. Creativity is back!

So there, if you are one of the poor souls like me, who thought you’ve lost your creativity, don’t give up, go and find it :)







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Act of Kindness

This blog post is a tribute to those whose innocent lives were taken away in the recent Egyptian revolution, Syria chemical attack and today’s meaningless shooting in a Kenyan mall. When you learn about events such as these, its so hard not to ask why man kind would do this to one another… Praying

In the midst of chaos and uncertainties triggered by political events, the world seems to be filled with darkness, acts of injustice and violence.

While it is not an easy task to stop those who wants to harm others… We can try to counteract every bad action taken by one, with 10 acts of kindness paid towards those who are put in harm’s way. If we keep this in mind, and unite others to make it happen, there is hope in man kind. When there is hope, there is tomorrow.


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Potty Training-A Little Progress

I was determined to leverage the three-day long weekend over Easter to potty train rascal Mia. Throughout the whole weekend, I took her diapers away and replaced them with little cute underwear for todds. All three days, I bombarded her with questions like: “Do you have to go pee pee Mia?” or “Is poo poo coming? If poo poo is coming you have to tell ma ma that < Poo poo is coming! Hurry! > okay?” I have to admit that Mia did pretty well, she managed to tell me when she had to “go” and only had about two accidents a day.

At the day care today however, was a different story. Mia’s teacher “reported” that she would only inform the teacher that she had to use the little girls’ room only after she has had an accident. Sensing that I was a little baffled and disappointed, Mia’s teacher was kind enough to encourage me with kind words, telling me not to give up so easily, and that we’ll keep going and try again tomorrow.

With her encouraging words on my sleeves, I took Mia home and asked her those two famous questions again, if her answer was “no”, we’d carry on with whatever we were doing, but if her answer was “yes”, then I’d pretty much lift her up from her arm pits and run to the washroom, especially if the “yes” was to do a #2.

Without further adieu, I’d like to tell you that both Mia and I looked into the toilet bowl this evening:

Me: Mia, you did poo poo in the toilet! I am sooooooooo proud of you! Great job!

Mia: Look ma ma! I make a Crock-O-die-OH !

Crocodile cartoons

What Mia saw “in there”

Brown crocodile

What I saw “in there”. Crocodile…Oh I see some resemblance!

This was not the first time Mia has pooed into the toilet bowl. I mean, she’s done it before where I made her sit on the toilet after dinner and read story books together. But this was the first time she ever told me that she had to go poo poo and actually did it in the toilet! I was so thrilled and proud of her that I wanted to send out a press release and let the entire world know! With a little taste of success tonight, I feel motivated again to take on tomorrow’s challenge!


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There is a song that’s been playing in my head over and over again in the past couple of days, this song is called “Stars“, by Grace Potter. “Stars” is a song about loosing someone you dearly love. Grace sings the song with so much loneliness and sorrow, that it feels as though you can experience her loss and feel her grief. Sometimes, I listen to this song at work, while it calms me down and keeps me focused for some odd reason, it also makes me think of my aunt, and what she must have gone through 10 years ago today. I’d like to dedicate this song to my aunt and uncle. And if you are indeed up there with the stars my dearest cousin, “you’ve gone too far”… Know that we do love you and have missed you terribly.

mi Stars

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Potty Training – a nightmare!

Potty training is the most frustrating process in my two and half years of parenthood. I  know those of you who are way ahead of this process would probably tell me: “Oh, if you think this is frustrating or difficult? Wait until when boys come into the picture!” Well…when that time comes, I’ll deal with it then, but this potty training business is just insane in the membrane!

Toddler potty trainingThere has been so many mixed advice on potty training, some say to not begin the potty training process until you see signs of readiness, like when your child is able to communicate the words “pee pee” or “poo poo” to you, or when he/ she is able to take off his/her pants and some say to take the “risk-it-all” or “nothing” approach, where you take the diapers completely away to replace them with underwear only. In terms of the timing and number of washroom trips, the day care tells the little monsters to line up and hoard them to the washroom almost every hour; some say to even put your child on a schedule even in the night time, set your alarm to go off by midnight and 3 am so that you can wake yourself (your significant other as well, of course, if your alarm goes off and you are sleeping next to somebody lucky enough to share the midnight “pee alarm” with you), and your child to go pee in the middle of the night. When I asked my Pediatrician if this night time pee schedule was a good idea, he looked at me as though I was some sort of psychotic maniac and said: “Of course not! How would you feel if you could only go to the washroom according to the time scheduled by your mom at night?!” This too, is true. But…but, what the heck am I supposed to do here?

Expression - Potty Training Frustration

What I am struggling with most, is that my daughter seems to be using the pee pee and poo poo excuse to fight bed time! I always put her on the throne before bed, just to follow protocol, but the moment I tug her in, turn off the light and close the door, she would begin a series of cries and then tell me that she has to go to the washroom. But by the time she sits on her famous Dora toilet seat, she does nothing. I mean, how many times am I suppose to allow her to go to the washroom? I have to admit though, that yes, there have been times when after a couple of false attempts, she was able to produce something that drops in the toilet, but come on, give me a break here!

Whoever you are, if you do come across this post and feel sorry enough for me, please shed some light on the mystery of potty training. I look forward to your encouragement and kind words!



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Share. Motivate. Inspire.

The reason why I started this blog, was to have a channel to freely express myself, so that the thought bubbles in my head had somewhere to go and of course, it was also an attempt to do something to improve my poor writing skills. Simply put, I really had no real purpose for creating this blog.

Over this long weekend however, I’ve come to the realization that I am not like many bloggers out there, who are either: naturally D.I.Y divas, amazing chefs in the kitchen who can churn out 10 recipes per second on their blogs (with their eyes closed), or the super mompreneurs who have the female version of Donald Trump’s DNA of “smartness”. What I do know about myself, is that I love to tell stories. I want to share my personal life experience through my blog, along with interesting stories about others, so that readers like you, feel welcomed to share your experience with me or simply visit LemonsAndSunnyDays to get an emotional “lift” in life.

Along with sharing my personal life experience with you, it is my ultimate goal, to develop content for this site that motivates and inspires you. I wish that you too, will step out of your comfort zone to do something you love and have passion for.

Share. Motivate. Inspire.


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New Year – New Expectations

In a couple of hours, we will journey into the year of 2013. On New Year’s Eve, most people are out partying and celebrating a New Year to come; some however, may prefer to have small celebrations at home with loved ones. But how many of you are actually taking a few minutes to look back at the events that have occurred in your life this past year? If you are not at the moment, I can tell you that I am doing a review of 2012 in my head right now, as we speak.

Fun thoughtsIn terms of personal achievement, 2012 has not been a big year for me. I lost my job at the beginning of the year, but then I found a more challenging job and met new people; I continued writing on my blog throughout the year (which I am quite proud of myself to be honest), and that’s about it. But you know what? This time next year will be a different story, there will be more items on my list of achievements. This I promise you and myself:

Dear readers, l know that I only have a few supporters right now, but I would like you to know, that your visits and comments have meant the world to me. Thank you for standing by me when I was down, and thank you for being a part of the joyous moments of my life. I look forward to sharing more personal stories with you in the year to come. I wish you all a very happy New Year! Cheers to Year 2013!




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